FINE ART Recent work

Travelling West

Acrylic, glass and texture paste on deep edged canvas in a white floater frame
300mm x 600mm


This year I have made quite a few trips to England to visit family and this is loosely inspired by the Lake District scenery around Grasmere where we stay, and the varied sunsets we often witness on the long road west as we travel homeward to the Rhins.


Acrylic, india ink and texture paste on canvas
400mm x 400mm


There is brightness behind and promise ahead and a dense dark maelstrom to deal with in the middle.  This painting signifies a moment of remembering the light or glimpsing it ahead and knowing that the darkness will pass.



Acrylic, india ink and texture paste on canvas
240mm x 180mm, £45 (plus delivery)

A study of light, painted as the dawn light filled the sky early on a midsummer morning.

Grace and Gratitude

Acrylic and ink on paper, 400mm x 600mm

Just completed and awaiting framing.  Pricing to follow.